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Born in Tulsa, lived in Brazil as young child, lived in Bend Oregon for last 15 years, until moving to Florida in 2012, when I drove 3,050 miles with 2 cats, and 2 parrots!

Dangerous toys

There are many toys sold for birds that aren’t really safe!

This bell was easily bent

which could mean Lead content.

Even the paint is kind of “Iffy!”

Sprayed on, and easily chipped…

Such a bright color, Made in China?


Just because it’s in the Pet Store doesn’t mean it’s safe.


This is Mr. Peeps, a bird I fostered for a lady in a women’s shelter.  She later decided her life was complicated enough, so I adopted him. They had both suffered horrific abuse!  I’d like to share my experiences about rehabilitating Peeps in future blogs.